Macromedia launches new Studio

Macromedia has revamped its website (nice!) and released a new version of its popular Studio MX series. The product name is a bit of a mouthful: Studio MX 2004. But the specs look good.
As I had hoped, Dreamweaver MX 2004 has more integrated CSS support. Among other useful tweaks, you can now import Office Documents while preserving their appearance, and check your code’s validity in different browsers.
Flash has been split up into Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX Professional 2004. The latter version has extra features for application development, video, presentations and mobile devices. Blow my mind! Obviously Macromedia is moving Flash beyond computer screens, with growing support in other devices and mediums. [Update: Check it out, CSS support!]
Fireworks may still not be a complete substitute for Photoshop, where image manipulation is concerned, but it is still pretty dynamic. It now has a Javascript API which works with Flash. I guess the best way to find out how good MX 2004 is, is to play around with the software and find out.
Now, how do I wheedle my IT department into getting me an upgrade? 😛
[Update: Webmonkey has a review of Studio MX 2004. Go read. ]