Stats in brief

It’s the end of the month again, and time for my monthly statistics report. March 2003 has been my busiest month so far, chalking up 18,639 pageviews.

Most popular search terms, collated:
1. (jewish) talking fish / carp
2. evil bush (joke)
3. anti war wallpaper
4. bible
5. flash (to do with the form tabbing workaround)
I also received hits from search engines linking to my SARS update page, but strangely my stats program hasn’t picked that up. Perhaps the fear of infection has spread beyond human consciousness.
1. Singapore (Go far, far away! Wait, I’m living here.)
2. Network (Why do stats programs list this all the time, it isn’t a country!)
3. US Commercial (Not that I make any money out of this myself)
4. Unresolved/Unknown (this looks dodgy)
5. US Educational (Oh he-LLO USC … I really, really do want to study at your School … 😀 )
6. Australia (I wonder if my sister is reading this. I know my pal Joan is.)
7. Non-Profit Organization (Hi. I don’t make much money myself either.)
8. United Kingdom (Sorry lads, but I’m supporting Turkey this Wednesday)
9. Canada (The VANTAN nudist club, FYI, is in Vancouver and you’ve got the wrong girl.)
10. Netherlands (Another place I’d like to visit. Also, the late Pim intrigues me.)
11. Italy (Mmm carpaccio insalate bruschetta pizza spaghetti…)
12. Japan (Mmm sashimi agedashi sukiyaki teriyaki tempura shishamo…)
13. United States (I’ve said enough about you already)
14. Norway (I received a few Silje Nergaard queries, I know)
15. Brazil (Ronaldhino still rocks to me)
16. Taiwan (go far far away)
17. Argentina (coming to think of it I’ve never been to South/Central America)
18. France (Vive le France!)
19. Belgium (I love your chocolates, but I’m on a diet. Scat!)
20. Greece (another country I’d like to visit someday)
21. Germany (I’ll give this one a miss for now)
22. Russian Federation (ditto)
23. Austria (the hiiills are alive … )
24. US Government (erm, hello Mr. Ashcroft)
25. Malaysia (hello Regine and company)
26. Finland (that’s it, I’m Finnished!)
27. US Military (I think they’re looking out for hackers right now)
28. Israel (which reminds me, does anyone have a Torah I could borrow?)
29. Switzerland (one of my favourite European countries)
30. Hong Kong (go far, far away!)
Most popular browsers used:
1. Mozilla 1 and derivative browsers (Netscape 7 I presume)
2. Internet Explorer versions 6, then 5, then 4
3. Frontier
4. Galeon
5. Opera
6. Lynx (wow! if you can view this site completely in text format, then I’m one proud designer)
7. Lastly, Netscape 4, then 3, then 6 (!).