So if you’ve found this site out of curiosity, or typed in the link to this page … congratulations. You are very astute and have a lot of time on your hands (even after playing the game).

I started playing in early 2019 and joined what I thought was an active alliance. Hah! After several weeks, even the leader went MIA – but fortunately (s)he had promoted me to Commodore by then, so that meant I could also promote other worthy players and kick out some deadweights that obviously never made it past a few days of play.

However, it got tiring when nobody replied to my Alliance chat messages, and I had to keep donating resources just to meet my Dailies. The number of active players dwindled to the point that I could count them on my fingers – all two of them. Including myself.

Still, I turned down several offers to join the top few alliances – you know who you are – but finally when the CEO called , I could not turn down the offer. I said goodbye to my old Alliance (and didn’t bother to wait for a reply because there’d probably be none) and became a member of the largest and most notorious Alliance on my server.

The dynamics in the top team were starkly different from my old Alliance. Look away from your device for an hour and you may miss 20 messages. Battles may have come and gone. Someone may have broken the code of conduct, got chastised on Galaxy chat and within the Alliance, and made up with the wronged party. Members kept posting opportunities of raids and overloaded miners, and coordinating raids on powerful rivals.

I’m still observing. But it is truly a lesson in power play, and how the mighty join together to fight other worthy opponents or simply any smaller Alliances that happen to stand in their way.