I became a mother only at the age of 34. Then I went on to have two more children. Because of this, I received lots of advice from friends and cousins who had more experience – and lots of hand me downs.

My husband and I then had info overload as there was conflicting advice. Usually the clash was between tradition and science, and different cultural practices. Often there was no clear right or wrong, but many shades of grey, and sometimes it depended on the baby and how much energy or resources we had to adhere to certain practices.

Managing many well-intentioned but sometimes conflicting pieces of advice, and managing perceptions once we decided on a course of action, was a source of stress in itself, on top of providing the actual caregiving. Thus when a few friends of mine became parents at an even later age, I was happy to dispense my own advice, tempered by the many different views I had received.

Much of the advice was given over Whatsapp, and realising that due to the mythical “mummy brain” I would likely forget my own words of wisdom in the years to come, I am now porting over my Whatsapp advice to this blog. Maybe one day, my own children can refer to this blog when they have their own kids (ha ha).

Stay tuned…