To get a job, you need some aptitude. Usually that comes in the form of qualifications. However, to keep your job and do well in it, you need something more: Attitude.
Attitude makes other people want to help you, even if you’ve made lots of mistakes before. Because they know you’ll try and try again, and one day you will get it right. Then they can move you up the value chain.
Attitude makes people want to stand up for you, even when others criticise your flaws. Because people know that you won’t disappoint them when it comes to the crunch. Your tenacity will make sure that you reach that potential.
Attitude keeps you moving up. If you’re capable but lack humility or gratefulness, people won’t want to continue to support you as you move higher up the ladder. And there’s no way you can do a perfect job all the time – there’s bound to be mistakes. Attitude helps people forgive you and move on more quickly. It makes them want to help you improve.
So, when you have aptitude + attitude, the only way you should go is up. When one of the 2 components is missing, you will stagnate at best. And you probably won’t enjoy your work as much, either.
Attitude is something that can be developed. It can be influenced by others in your life. So, carefully choose the people you hang out with, and the people you aspire to be like.
Don’t rest on your laurels just because you’re happy with the managerial prospects of your MBTI type and other psychological assessments. Live up to your type’s potential!
Remember that for every successful person of your type, there’s probably also a school dropout, mediocre worker bee or even a felon with the same type as you.
So stop fantasising / complaining / bumming around, and get on with your real work!