Laughter – the best medicine

There’s been a lot of humorous happenings going on in my department, and I hope it continues. I think it’s a healthy reaction to the inevitable – things don’t always happen as planned, and if we can’t do much about it, then we look on the bright side and have a good laugh about it.
I think the atmosphere’s lightened up a lot. Of course this doesn’t distract away from the growing amount of work we have to do, but at least it frames things in a more positive light.
It’s certainly made me look forward to going to work more. That’s what I tell my rich friends in the private sector. Not all of them have the same feelings about their jobs, though it’s assumed their pay should compensate them for it. I guess you can’t always have your cake and eat it.
Many more thoughts are running through my head, but it’s time to sleep. Another big day lies ahead.