The PageRank game

In the last couple of minutes, I’ve come up with a new, quick game.
Step 1: Go here: [](
Step 2: Type in the URL of your own blog to find out its latest PageRank.
Step 3: From there, type in another URL of another website that has a PageRank that’s 1 point higher than your blog. It may be another blog you know that’s more popular than yours.
Step 4: Repeat incrementally all the way until you reach a PageRank of 10.
I was pretty pleased that despite being away from the Blogosphere for a while I was able to do this successfully the first time.
Want to know which websites I keyed in?
Read on…

My blog []( has a PageRank of 5.
I then thought, which blog or website could have a PageRank of 6? Ah, I know – my organisation, [HPB](! Sure enough, it was ranked 6.
Then it got a bit trickier. This has to be probably a well-established blog or website that is fairly popular but not something that the general population might know of. Something good yet niche. So I picked []( 7 on the dot!
It got even harder. What site would be linked to more often than a famous personal blog? You got it, a famous tech blog. []( had a PageRank of 8.
Now this is dangerous. For a PageRank of 9 you have to be really well known – yet we can’t overshoot in case we end up with a 10 instead. I thought hard and bet on []( – very popular indeed, but only in the English-speaking world, and specifically in the US. Bingo!
The last one was a no-brainer. Which website would anyone in the world want to visit? What service would serve all our needs regardless of where we come from?
Yup, []( itself has a PageRank of 10.
Feel free to forward this PageRank game out to anyone. And pardon me if anyone else has done this before and I wasn’t aware of it – I thought of it entirely on my own 😉
Now, get back to work!