A productive day

I had a productive day:
1. Sent the car for servicing. Repaired the blown fuse in my cigarette lighter which I use to charge my iPhone
2. Met up with ex-colleagues from Fynch for lunch. Took lots of photos of
3. Went to SGL at Sim Lim Square to buy RAM to upgrade the family iMac and my MacBook Pro. Got SGL staff to upgrade the MacBook Pro on the spot. Bought a cooling unit for my MacBook Pro so it won’t get hot so easily.
4. Went for Bible Studies
5. Successfully installed the new RAM in the iMac by [watching the instructions on Youtube](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEBv_7i9r94)
6. Tomorrow I will be going for a HPB reunion and catch up with people.
(Observation: When times are hard, instead of buying new cars and new computers, we service them and replace or upgrade existing components.)
Other things to be done:
Go to Tangs (in real life) to use up a voucher that’s expiring really soon
Visit golf shops to look for covers for our bags when we fly to Vietnam on Boxing Day
Pack for the trip!
Finish editing the INSEAD Dash video
Fix the darn comment problem on my blogs (probably by removing a Typepad comment script I installed which worked initially)
Upgrade to the latest version of MT. If it keeps giving me trouble I have half a mind to move to WordPress. Seriously, after all these years, I’m getting fed up