A disturbing dream

Earlier this week, I had a strange dream. I dreamt that I and a group of classmates were sightseeing in another country. Being a dream, I did not know the name of the country but it felt like a more exotic Asian country, bustling with nightlife and low-lying shophouses.
As we walked down the street there was a ruckus from behind, and a car drove up and stopped in front of us. There were about three dark-skinned men men with serious, determined faces who asked for directions, then sped off. Being in a dream, I was omniscient and somehow knew they were terrorists making a getaway, and so did my classmates. My male classmates jumped into the next taxi to chase the terrorists, while I and 2 other girls jumped into another taxi to make a police report. Strangely, the police station was right in front of us, but it was difficult to reach as there were many extremely small steps which made it difficult to climb up, plus there was a metal/wired gate all around. So we had to get to the police station in a most roundabout way, and the road in fact took us further away from it. I woke up before we reached the station.
As I recounted this dream just now to one of my female classmates (who was in my dream, in the taxi with me), she asked me what day this dream occured. I said it was 2 days ago. She said that would be Tuesday, and added that she may be superstitious but she heard that if you have dreams on Tue, Fri and Sunday they will come true, and if you have dreams on other days then the opposite will happen. I suddenly remembered the terrorist attacks in India and wondered if there could be any link or whether it was plain coincidence. I would prefer it to be the latter, because the alternative would be a terrifying gift, especially if you cannot interpret it well, or cannot do anything about it anyway.
This has made me realise that prophets had to be strong-willed, as they had to risk their lives by telling people things they didn’t want to hear.