New notebooks

Blogging by iPhone is killing my eyes. And I nearly lost my previous post on Teens cos I pressed the wrong button on my iPhone.
So I’m now using a black new notebook. Well actually it’s a spare Moleskine from Sarah T. At least it won’t crash or get hacked into.
Being a geek at SXSW without a laptop is like living without an arm. I wanted to video blog and do other cool things like having video conferences with my Media Socialist buddies. Now I can’t even talk to them on Skype.
Anyway I just ordered a MacBook Pro and really hope it will arrive before I leave Austin back to Singapore. I paid extra for a speedy delivery. Thanks to the weak US dollar I should have pretty good cost savings.
I have to give two talks right after coming back, and planned to prepare for them on my laptop. Now it’s incapacitated, I’m starting to worry even though I’ve got it thought out in my head. We’ll see how it goes in the next few days.
Come on, MacBook Pro… I’m waiting for ya!