Day 1: LA and OC

My Singapore Airlines flight was great. Bigger seats, greater reclining angle … I slept like a baby, woken up only to be fed (by the stewardess) and entertained (by KrisWorld).
I watched Michael Clayton and American Gangster, and listened to Herbie Hancock’s Grammy award-winning album on Joni Mitchell songs. We had one of the smoothest landings ever, and arrived earlier than the stipulated time. However we had to wait for another plane to move off before we were towed along the runway.
Customs was smooth, staff were all friendly and helped us find the fastest-moving lines.
My aunt and uncle fetched me from the airport and took me to the Orange County where I did a bit of shopping. They have plenty of shops that you can’t find back in Singapore, which means it’s perfect for getting unusual gifts for people back home. I went to the Apple Store but alas, they were sold out of 16GB iPhones.
Later we had dinner at Ranchito’s, which was pretty crowded. I’ll be heading back to Los Angeles later tonight where I’m staying with my grand aunt and grand uncle.


  1. Miccheng

    w00t! w00t! U arrived safely! And had time to sleep too! Feels weird to arrive in USA on the same day (as u left Singapore) doesn’t it? Especially after a 16 hr flight… ^_^

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