Leopard in hiding?

I ordered a Mac OS Leopard family pack upgrade a few weeks ago and received two emails yesterday (26 Oct) telling me that Leopard would be shipped to my home by 26 Oct. Naturally I was very excited about it.
However up to today (27 Oct) I have yet to see any traces of this feline. To double-check, I logged in to my account page and was told that it had been shipped!
Waiting for Leopard
Which leads to two possible conclusions:

  1. The delivery man went to the wrong house and someone else is now in possession of my copy of Leopard.
  2. Leopard has not been delivered yet; due to the (possibly) high number of orders Apple has been unable to cope, yet their system isn’t well-synchronised and has informed many of us that our orders have been delivered when they haven’t.

Option 2 has happened to one of my previous orders and I am not surprised if nobody has bothered to improve this process since then. Apple Asia standards lag behind the US headquarters. I’ve found more broken links on the Asia website and wonder if Steve Jobs should shake things up a bit.
I have been holding on to the line for the past few several minutes. I suspect that many other people are in the same situation, baffled by the emails informing them that Leopard has been delivered to them when it hasn’t.
Post a comment if you’re in the same situation as me! Misery loves company.


  1. Jerrick Lim

    Hi Vanessa, just wanted to say that mine arrived one day late too:) So chin up, they inform their shippers that they can ship the item to you and then say that its been delivered… to the shippers. It doesn’t say its been shipped to you unfortunately.

  2. vantan

    Thanks Jerrick.
    It is surprisingly not customer-oriented of Apple as they should know we as customers are only interested in when the product is delivered to us, and not whether it’s been sent to the subcontractor’s.

  3. Isaak Kwok

    Hi Van,
    As for me, I actually received the package 6 hours before the actual launch time. Thankfully, my wife happened to be at home when they delivered the package. It was quite unlike Apple or their shipping agent not to call ahead before they proceeded with the delivery. My previous experience was that they would call to see if you are around to accept the package.
    Anyway, glad that eventually managed to get your copy and successfully installed it.

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