Full house church

St George's Easter Sunday 2007
In over a decade of worshipping at St George’s, I’ve never seen it so packed before. Some people were standing in the aisles and doorways until the children moved off to attend Sunday School.
Of course, the church tends to get more crowded during special occasions such as Christmas and Easter, but I was moved nonetheless. I’m actually sniffling as I type this.
I believe God has heard our prayers over the years and has blessed us gradually with all the things we need to run the church and draw newcomers and old members alike.
It has been a while, but you can feel things are moving in the right direction.
Happy Easter to all Christian readers!


  1. Walter

    You know, your post has inspired me to blog about a recent visit to Faith Community Baptist Church which my brother brought me to. Other than the spiritual lessons, I was totally awed by the experience of being close to God. Of course, everything was also very well choreographed and put together.

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