SXSW Saturday sum-up

I realised there’s little value in blogging live and reporting almost every word the panelists say. In some cases there were ‘fillers’ and meanderings which I don’t feel is worth writing here. Instead I will give summaries from my notes on all the panels I attended. As an English football (read: soccer if you’re American) fan, I will also give ‘Man/woman of the match’ titles to my favourite panelist.
These are the panels I attended on Saturday. Watch out for my blog posts on each one…
10:00 am – Emerging Social and Technology Trends. My rating: 3/5.
11:30 am – Under 18: Blogs, Wikis and Online Social Networks for Youth. My rating: 4/5.
2:00 pm – Kathy Sierra Opening Remarks. My rating: 4/5.
3:30 pm – TV: The Next Generation
5:00 pm – Ghost in the Machine: Spirituality Online
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