Update for readers who used to attend St Georges: We aren’t just using digital slideshow software (Powerpoint?) for our lyrics. For the past 2 Sundays our new Vicar Rev Sinden has used the new system to insert verses and images to illustrate his sermons. This is so much more effective because I don’t miss any verse numbers anymore. He also puts his main points on the screen – one by one so there’s no overcrowding. I’ve actually started to take notes for sermons again.
Under this new Vicar, the prayer rail has been re-instated, meaning you can once again come forward to the front with a confidential prayer request. Hurrah!
We were confused several weeks ago when the order of wishing each other ‘The Peace’ was reversed. Previously the Vicar (or his deputy) would wish the congregation the peace, then we’d all wish each other in the pews. Now, we have to wish each other first before we can wish the Vicar. I realised this did make sense, because we are supposed to make peace with each other before we make peace with God (and presumably his Ministers in church, in God’s presence).
I’m having a pretty good feeling about things.