Month: November 2006

Dell problems

Lucian writes about the problem he’s experienced with Dell. We’re having similar problems with our new Dell laptops. First, we discovered that the Bluetooth cards we had opted for, were not installed in our laptops. We notified them about this. Then, after 2 days of usage, my hard drive started making loud noises and I …

Meeting Crayon

Avid followers of Second Life news would have heard of Crayon, the first new media marketing agency to be established in this virtual world. Well, since I couldn’t break into IBM land (see previous post), I decided to try my luck with an agency that welcomed visitors. Here’s a shot of Crayon from the outside. …

Saddam to hang

By now you would’ve heard that Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to death. Various countries have expressed their agreement, disagreement, ambivalence and reservations about the decision. More here: Authoritative blogs’ posts on Saddam (Technorati) Wikipedia entry on Saddam Videos on Saddam (Youtube) Technorati Tags: Saddam, Iraq