Rojo loses its Mojo

To think I was celebrating the acquisition of Rojo by Sixapart in a recent post.
A few days ago I logged into Rojo for my daily fix of geek news and was surprised to find that the tag cloud was gone. Gone! When I first used Rojo I found it a bit overwhelming but soon grew to like the tag cloud. The cloud has been replaced with a boring-looking vertical nav bar which also has less tags. Not an improvement!
I usually don’t bother to venture into the other sections of Rojo but I felt disturbed enough to read visit the forum. Then I learnt that other Rojo users were also up in arms. Our feeds went missing (I didn’t notice because I tend to visit only the front page to view user-rated top news). And this has apparently been going on for 5 days.
What surprises me is how so many problems were allowed to happen. At a time like this, soon after the press release, it’s not good for PR.
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