What’s black in red and red in black?

My Dopod inside a Piel Frama case on top of a Tumi bag.
Red and black
Just bought the case from a store at Funan Digitalife Mall, called Edpol (#04-23, tel 3399822). It has all sorts of custom cases and accessories for PDA phones, including Palm and Blackberry. Actually all I had intended to get was a protective screen cover for my new Dopod, but when I saw the lovely leather cases I had to make my Dopod try one on. Since it looked pretty good in its ‘little red dress’ I decided to buy it.
The service was also very good and there were all sorts of customers coming in, asking for cases for their PDAs.
I bought the Tumi bag from Harrod’s in London (this June), as my existing bag wasn’t big and well-designed enough to carry all my travel stuff.