Hello Fellow Gooners!

This is a belated discovery, considering that:

  1. I decided to support Arsenal before they went on their unbeaten streak (ie, a few years ago)
  2. I have already made many friends online, through other interests such as web standards and blogging
  3. It did occur to me on several occasions that there might be an Arsenal fan club in Singapore, somewhere. But I never got round to looking for it until someone posted a comment on Blinkymummy‘s blog.

Now I’m looking forward to meeting fellow Gooners!

It has been challenging finding other people with the same interests. An ex-colleague was the first Arsenal fan I ever knew. Then I discovered that an old friend’s fiance was an Arsenal fan. That was really it! As far as I know, there are no Arsenal fans in my current workplace. However, if you went anywhere in Singapore and threw a stone at a group of people, you’d most probably hit a Man U fan.

And throwing the stone would be worth it. Heh heh heh…

Since Jose Mourinho arrived as Chelsea manager, more people I know have emerged as Blues fans. However all have claimed to be Blues fans *before* Chelsea won their first Premiership title. However I don’t doubt Liverpool fans’ faith – the true fans held on for years and were finally rewarded with the Champions League win. Yeah, I don’t really have much against Liverpool, just that I find Arsenal more exciting to watch.

There must be something special, to make Thierry Henry sign on for 4 more years…

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  1. Felicia Wong

    Hey there Vanessa,
    Was just googling for the local Arsenal fan club when i came across your blog.
    Nice to know a fellow Gooner out here πŸ™‚
    Like you, i’ve been supporting the Gunners before the much-talked-about Unbeaten Streak. Those were the days, with Marc Overmars and Dennis Bergkamp at his peak.
    Keep up the support for our team, even though they may be playing a bit erratic of late πŸ˜‰
    Take care, and let’s kick some Chelski ass this sunday!!

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