MacBook Pro on offer

Calling Mac users and experts – I need help with making a decision! I was at Apple Centre Orchard this afternoon and noticed an offer for all three MacBook Pro models (1.83, 2.0 and 2.16GHz dual Intel processors).

That was surprising, considering that they should be in hot demand (according to the salesman) so there’d be no need to throw in any freebies. Anyway, let me know if you think this is a good deal or not:

  • Buying either a 1.83GHz or 2.0GHz model gets you a S$150 voucher and Microsoft Office 2004. When I queried further, the salesman said it was the Student/Teacher edition of Office, which would give it a S$269 value. This part’s a bit confusing as the Office logo they used was grey so it looked like the Office Standard version. Hmm.
  • Buying the latest 2.16GHz model gets you a free 1GB RAM upgrade (which they claim is S$599), as well as the same Microsoft Office 2004. When I asked, “Can’t we just buy the extra RAM cheaper from another shop?”, they told me we can’t use ‘older’ RAM on this new machine. (Mac experts, is this true??) I was thinking of buying my RAM from SGL at Sim Lim Square, actually, since some of you dear readers had recommended this value-for-money store to me earlier and they had indeed saved me a bundle on RAM for my PowerMac.

The store’s educational discount doesn’t apply to the MacBook Pro offers, but the salesman assured me that the freebies thrown in, were worth more than the discount. Hmm…

I left the shop tempted to buy a MacBook Pro, despite warning RamblingLibrarian to resist it a little longer. But after considering my own needs, I realised I don’t need the Microsoft Office freebie because I still have one licence to spare at home (we bought the Edu licence which gives three serial numbers).

Also, the thought of 1GB of RAM costing S$599 sounded outrageous – even though the salesman seemed absolutely certain that was the standard price.

The other question was, should I buy the model with the 2.0GHz or 2.16GHz dual processors? The latter seemed like a steep price to pay for so little extra power (which could be spent on more RAM, no?). However, I am a Logic Pro 7 user who is in the midst of forming a new band (more on that later) which may require live recordings or at least some mixing and effects processing. Also, I’ve got Reason 3 and occasionally edit and render videos using iMovie. I’d hate to watch a brand-new MacBook Pro take a longer time to process files than my 2-year-old PowerMac. It would feel like I had just downgraded myself.

I read in MacWorld Magazine that the new processors aren’t four times faster as claimed. That means I need – no, I just want – the fastest thing on the block to compensate for it. But that’s being whimsical and silly. Arggggh.

So now I’m thinking I should continue to wait, because I don’t really need a laptop yet – it’s just nice to have. I wonder if any faster chips are coming out. Also, maybe I should wait until OS10.5 comes out at the end of this year.

What do you think?


  1. Ashwin

    I would suggest going for the 2.0Ghz model. The incremental increase in power doesn’t make the machine all that faster IMO. Yes, the RAM at SGL would be cheaper I suppose. The MacBooks have PC2-5300 RAMs which are more expensive than the current systems.
    A suggestion: Just call up SGL and ask for prices on the RAM. That should you help you decide. šŸ™‚
    PS: yeah, I am one of those lurker readers of your blog. šŸ˜›

  2. jim

    just recently bought the 2.0GHz model with 2GB RAM from SGL…and it was a pretty good price. Will email you separately if you want a good gauge. šŸ™‚

  3. Ivan Chew

    Van, the fact that you are posting this means you recognise that you don’t really need it but you just want it. Since you told me to wait, I’ll return the same advice to you lor. Wait lah! Until you absolutely, without a doubt, need to upgrade. It’s just a machine.

  4. Fan of Biber

    I have the PBook 17″ at 1.33 Ghz. Also the new MacBookPro at 2 Ghz. Only 1 GB RAM. It needs more… I can’t complain, I got both from work… and I use a Quad-Processor G5 there.
    With that said, the new MacBookPro is a good machine. It feels plenty zippy. I don’t use it full-time yet, but the airport reception is very nice, it wakes from sleep without issue (unlike my Pbook), and the screen and keyboard are nice and bright.
    I miss the larger screen size, and sometimes now find some webpages hard to read with the use of smaller font sizes. I’m in the US so I cannot compare prices to what you have there.
    I’m not sure what you have now, but from the PBook 17 it was a nice upgrade, despite the screen size.. similiar resolution, however. I still feel the Quad G5 is faster, but… no complaints on speed.

  5. mike

    Is Reason running Rosetta or?
    I say wait… specs bump, 10.5, maybe official Bootcamp (not that you want to run Windows I suppose). Plus RAM price drops!
    The iBook G3 I type on now is so happening compared to a MacBook Pro.

  6. abraxis

    Read that McBook Pro does use faster memory.
    I’m waiting for new McBook 13″ wide screen.
    I like portability. My 1ghz Powerbook 12″ named Bender has been to four continents and all over Asia.
    But Bender is getting tired…

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