More CDs!

I popped by HMV and found that it was still having a sale. Anyway I did want to pick up a few albums.
Since A L and Krisalis mentioned Kings of Convenience a while back, I thought they should be worth checking out. I and picked up two albums, ‘Quiet Is The New Loud’ and ‘Riot On An Empty Street’ for $16.95 each. I think I can ‘space out’ listening to them.
Seal IV was going at $14.95 and since I liked ‘Prayer for the Dying’ from his first album, I decided to buy his fouth as well.
Jamie Cullum’s ‘Catching Tales’, with bonus DVD, usually sells for $22-23, but in this sale it was only $16.95. So, why not! There’s a certain charm to these fresh-faced Jamies … Oliver and Cullum. Anyway, I will be singing one of Cullum’s songs for my company’s Idol competition, so I might as well listen to more of his music to get used to his singing style.
I like this excerpt from the CD sleeve:

The songs came together over a fertile period in the first half of 2005. “Some days I would just get out of bed,” Cullum says. “I would wake up with an idea, and hammer it out on my Mac at home, and then my brother Ben would come round and I’d still not be dressed at four in the afternoon.”

I can so empathise with that. I used to be like that until I started … working 😛 Now when I listen to this CD I’ll imagine how some of them came about on his Mac, in his pyjamas.
A Christian friend of mine, GV, mentioned she likes listening to the Parachute Band. So when I saw their albums ‘Glorious’ and ‘Amazing’ I decided to try it as well. And it’s playing as I’m writing this – truly amazing! I’ll listen to this while I sleep.
Here’s a tip: HMV has been having a sale for a while so if you plan on getting some bargains, walk around the store to make sure that there isn’t another stack of the same albums going at a cheaper price. Cheers.


  1. prowler

    If you are looking for more great deals on CDs check out this web site I found
    You could have bought Seal IV for $6.00 new or $4.99 used, Quiet Is The New Loud for $8.79 new and Riot On An Empty Street for $9.79 new or $7.99 used.

  2. vantan

    Wandie – Thanks. Yep I know that. And unfortunately I will be overseas at SXSW during that period! They played at SXSW last year I think.
    Jean – Yes I noticed they tried pretty hard to vary their styles 😛
    Prowler – Thanks for the link! I paid in Singapore dollars. S$1 = US$0.61798 (as of time of writing)

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