New Year Resolutions

Had lunch with DSD today and she asked me about my new year resolutions.
I had given up making resolutions for a few years already. But at the end of 2005 I did decide, after a culmination of incidents, that certain things would certainly improve my life and relationship with other people.
My first resolution this year is to develop the ability to say no. ‘No’ is a powerful word that could evoke strong feelings of guilt, especially if you are refusing someone close to you, or a worthy organisation.
However, a sincere ‘no’ allows the other party to look for other alternatives, as opposed to a half-baked ‘erm, maybe’ followed by a cancellation shortly before the deed is to be done.
The next resolution is to listen more to people, and talk less. I will try not to give a perfunctory ‘hmmph’ as if I was listening, when I actually want the person to go away and let me concentrate on my task at hand. (Of course, I should also be able to say ‘no’ if I am truly busy and don’t wish to be interrupted in the first place)
I won’t give myself another resolution to lose a certain amount of weight, but I will resolve to tone myself up better with the right exercise and diet. When you set a target with a specific outcome, it can be dangerous if the means of achieving that outcome are not specified as well (e.g. using slim 10 pills as opposed to healthier methods).
Also, I hope to further develop the ability to bounce back faster and discern – shutting out the unconstructive negatives, sifting out the criticism that is well-grounded, and building on the positives.
But this isn’t all about resolutions – I would also like to thank God for putting me where I am right now. It’s a special feeling when your contributions make a big difference and your thoughts are valued. It took me four years as a nomad to appreciate what I have now and I pray for continued good leadership and fellowship. May we all grow strong together. Amen.


  1. Queenie Ong E-Queen

    Good resolutions.
    Especially the saying ‘no’ bit – hit it right on the spot, I said no to a charity organisation and at least they can find someone else to do the task.
    Want to go for evening walks? Meet u at botanics.
    And nomad – at least I appreciate where u r now (in ur workplace). I’m still nomadding though.

  2. airhole

    may you grow in and with Him…. all the way till kingdom come.
    nice.. i particularly like this post.. maybe its the time i read it or the way you wrote it. Feels most sincere.

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