Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! cake


At work, some of us went a-carolling and I sang a solo item (view pic).

Today, boss treated us to some stollen cake (which I felt would go well with poached egg). I decided to play with our food, making Bambi bugger Santa Claus.

Tomorrow evening for pot luck, I will contribute a salad and some baked yam. And probably some evening entertainment – floundering at the piano.


  1. WellDressedMan

    How do you “malu”?
    Ah, I don’t think we malu in Minneapolis, lest we call it by another name.

  2. vantan

    Hello WellDressedMan,
    Here in Singapore, ‘malu’ is slang for ‘humiliate’. In a positive, wry sort of way, like you know you’re doing something embarassing but can laugh it off.

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