I received a copy of Nicky Gumbel’s Searching Issues several weeks ago, from a family friend. It’s a slim book, easy to read and good for those interested in the faith. However, I already had a copy of my own.
Still, I felt an urge to politely accept the gift, because it could always be given to someone else later. I knew it would.
A few weeks later, a new member joined our Alpha group and told us how a certain verse in the Bible moved her such that she accepted Christ. The next week (I think), I felt like giving her the book, to help further her understanding on issues. However, I forgot to bring it along – what’s more, we learnt it was her birthday the next day.
Last night, I flipped through my own copy of Searching Issues, and noticed her favourite verse on one of the pages. Like it was speaking out to me. It was a second hint. So I gave her the extra copy tonight, telling her how I felt this book was meant for her, and she happily accepted it.