Wigan 0, Chelsea 1

What a crying shame! After 92 minutes of glorious Premier League football, Wigan lost concentration and let Hernan Crespo unleash a massive projectile into the top corner of the net.
The last two matches (Arsenal v Newcastle and this one) showed some similarities. The underdog teams knew what they were up against, and began with fervour, attacking constantly. The usually sharp Arjen Robben missed the net, and Damien Duff also seemed out of sorts. Didier Drogba, the Man of the Match against Arsenal in the Community Shield a week ago, seemed a pale shade of his former self. Wigan’s striker Henri Camara looked dangerous.
However, in both matches quality and class emerged in time, and as the underdogs ran out of steam, the superior teams took control of the game. While Arsenal and Chelsea seemed overwhelmed initially by their respective opponents, after the second half things slowly crept back to normal and they re-imposed their dominance. Chelsea did take a longer time to wake up, though.
Another mark of a great team is the ability of its players to score in numerous different situations, under great pressure. Chelsea could finish (eventually). Arsenal could finish. Wigan’s Johansson skied two frighteningly good chances in the dying minutes of the game. A top-class poacher like Ruud van Nistelrooy would have scored in tight situations like that. That’s what’s lacking in the weaker teams.
But still, I can’t help but say, poor Wigan. And poor Newcastle. Try, try again.
[Update: Jose Mourinho himself just said that Wigan didn’t deserve to lose, and that his midfield and attack didn’t perform. He’s hinted at making changes in the lineup, showing no mercy. Things will get interesting for the champions. ]