Say it in the style of…

This is extremely ‘boliao’* but I just discovered how to transform voices in Logic Pro 7. It is extremely simple and requires a click or two with the mouse.
For a limited period of time, readers can post requests here, making me say silly things, and choosing to convert them into the tones of any of the following:
Aliens (single voice or choir), Klingon, Robot, a singing Donkey, Darth Vader, Chipmunk (this is really, really cute), Devil (low growl), Howling Wolf (somehow it made my voice sound like Miss Piggy). There are many other effects but I suppose these are the more interesting ones.
Sound clips will be converted into MP3 format and exhibited here. As with the rest of this site, my Creative Commons Licence will apply to all sound clips.
* To non-Singaporean readers, this word means ‘having nothing better to do’.


In response to Albert’s first request: Here is Darth Vader, asking you to answer the phone:

The breathing doesn’t sound right and needs more work, but I think I managed to tweak the ‘Answer the phone!’ bit, low enough to sound like a male voice.
[Hey! After listening to the mp3 file, if you have a ‘Back’ button on your mouse browser, click on it. When I did it on my Mac, it played my sound clip backwards!]
More Vader stuff, since some of you are into that sort of thing. Here’s Vader saying, “This is Lord Vader. I am BUSY at the moment. Please leave a message (sarcastic tone).”

Sorry Shin, I don’t have a Smurf effect. Would you settle for a Chipmunk?


  1. Albert

    Could you do this?
    “(Darth Vader signature breathing), Answer the phone!”?
    In case you’re curious, it could be a cute addition to the Yoda version that is being passed around ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Cliffano

    Hehe, I just listened to the mp3. It’s close.
    Perhaps the voice should be much lower, bass-er (is there such a word?), and spoken slower (Anakin is a fickle minded evil bastard who can’t speak fast).

  3. shin

    hi van
    how about doing a smurf saying the following:
    “If you are Gargamel, we aren’t home. Otherwise, leave a message!”

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