Another year older

The only thing on my mind, actually, is the Champion’s League final.
I was already pretty chuffed to hear that Arsenal picked up the FA Cup. My Shanghai hotel’s Star Sports channel hung for days and nobody bothered to fix it, so I had to reply on SMS reports. Any mishap that happened to me when I was China, was swiftly erased in my mind whenever I told myself, “It’s all right. Arsenal won the FA Cup.”
I got back to Singapore and watched the replay. Man U were definitely the better players. But for once I have nothing bad to say about Jens Lehmann, who probably played the best game in his life. If he keeps it up like this, Oliver Kahn had better watch out!
I’ve decided to spend my birthday evening at Alpha. After all, God is my maker and why not spend time with Him and those who want to learn more about Him! [Of course, a lot of participants might actually decide to stay at home and watch the American Idol finals instead. Wednesday is gonna be a biiiiig day]
And to be in Istanbul again … one of my favourite cities! It will be an electrifying match.
And this time, my heart will be with Liverpool. It’s strange because I support Arsenal with my head, and I’ve always respected AC Milan, but somehow the Merseysiders have a sort of romantic history to them, that whenever they appear as underdogs I tend to support them.
Well, we shall see…


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