02 Mini

I don’t have much time to say this, because I am totally engrossed and distracted by my brand new 02 Mini. (Am I not a staunch Arsenal supporter and geek?)
In brief: Sync software of choice was the Missing Sync. After reading about how difficult it is to totally uninstall PocketMac, and how the support wasn’t as good, I chose the former. PocketMac did have a free Mac theme but frankly it didn’t look that impressive and face it, it’s still a Windows OS underneath the superficial veneer of an Apple logo.
Mistake: Installing demo of PocketMac, because sure enough it didn’t uninstall cleanly and I had to search for obscure files in my Macintosh HD. Synchronisation took a while as I re-connected the USB cable, rebooted the Mac and 02 Mini multiple times, removed all other USB devices (due to possible hardware conflict) before it suddenly prompted me for my Registration info, hours later (hence this late post).
Apart from that horrible episode, the 02 Mini itself is a joy to use. Using GPRS, I downloaded my emails from 2 different accounts, including Google POP mail (will figure out how to do the Bluetooth Sync another day).
For viewing, you can toggle the view from vertical to horizontal (either side). Office documents open up quickly. Ringtones are loud and clear.
I’ve tried out their handwriting recognition and so far they got most of my words right. However I must remember to take regular eye breaks as the text can be strenuous to read after a while.
Let’s see if the 02 Mini starts to get slower like my now traded-in Nokia 6600. Hopefully not! I knew the only thing I’d be downgrading to, would be the camera. Sure enough, a picture I took was grainy. I have resigned myself to the fact that nothing is ever perfect, and am now starting to pine for the new Canon Ixus 7 megapixel camera (ever so slightly).
Ah, it appears that my gazillion contacts and calendar items have been synced from my Mac to the 02 Mini. It is time to stop writing and continue playing with my new toy.


  1. mark

    wifi sd card + skype for ppc = cheap calls when a wireless network is present… hey you may be able to get it to work over gprs… hmmm… ahh turning green

  2. kar-en

    Geez ! it’s a real cool phone ! played ard with malau’s, but CAN”T justify buying one for myself !!!
    Maybe if i gave up a pair of jimmy choos …

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