Month: April 2005

Letter to IRAS

I wrote a letter to IRAS. Below is the full transcript: Dear IRAS, I have had great difficulty e-filing my taxes the past few weeks. Every time I log in I encounter an error page. This happens even after clearing my browser cache. The website is much slower than in previous years. Altogether, it is …

Not up to standard

I was looking for a new computer table for my studio. I Googled for pages in Singapore, but saw an intriguing-looking article by the Computer Times (now called Digital Life) on creating web pages. Dated February 2004, I was surprised and slightly perturbed at the statement, “When building a website, keep in mind that everything …

Boeing Boeing 2

For the second time, I caught Wild Rice‘s production of Boeing Boeing. It’s as good as the first time, if you like sexy stewardesses, melodramatics, and catastrophic timing. Also, where on earth do they find such huge Filipina actresses? I’m sure “It’s not ee-see!” More details in my first review in 2002.