I don’t need…

I don’t need a new phone. Not yet. Even though my Nokia 6600 hangs every now and then with cryptic error messages. Even though I’ve dropped it many times. Even though it’s become more slow.
I don’t need a new 60GB iPod Photo. Even though I have tonnes of photos and only have several GB left on my 40GB 3G iPod, which has a battery that now lasts only an hour. Even though the LCD goes dim every now and then, and I can’t view some playlists after syncing it with my Mac.
I don’t need an iPod shuffle. Even though I need every reason to go back to the gym. Knowing me, it will turn into a very expensive thumb drive.
I don’t need a new digital camera. Even though my Olympus C5050 has been replaced with a new model with a built-in wide angle lens. Even though it forces me to reset my date and time every time I take out the rechargeable batteries. Even though the battery meter plays me out by saying it’s full, then dips drastically and dies. Even though it’s slow to get started.
I don’t need a 15″ PowerBook. Even though I miss having a laptop in my room – just like when I was a student. Anyway, I’m waiting for the day they squeeze in a G5 processor without burning my lap and a hole in my pocket.
I want them all. But I know I don’t need them. Not yet.
Right now, I’m saving up for the Bose SoundDock – which would look much cooler on my bedside table, than the current Bose computer speakers and iPod dock, and numerous interconnecting cables. (There’s an ongoing Bose sale @ AppleCentre Orchard)
Oh yes, it’s all about priorities.