Currently ripping

I went to HMV’s sale and picked up the following:

  1. Blue Lines by Massive Attack
  2. Protection by Massive Attack
  3. Odelay by Beck
  4. Acoustic Soul by India Arie
  5. Liquid Skin by Gomez
  6. Talkie Walkie by Air (Bah. Premieres Symptomes is now going at the same price and I paid Import rates for it)
  7. Best Kept Secrets – The best of Lamb
  8. The Outernational Sound – Thievery Corporation (not on sale)
  9. Closest Thing to Heaven – Tears For Fears (not on sale. Cost a bomb!)

I was planning to get most of these titles for some time. Alas, HMV didn’t have Sweetback’s Stage 2 album, and lead singer Aya’s album Strange Flower is not in their records. What a pity.