Recent acquisitions

2 more kd lang albums: Drag and Live By Request. I listened to Drag years ago, after a friend (JM?) recommended it, but for some reason didn’t like it. Tonight I was with D who said it was a good album if you didn’t mind listening to some covers. So I gave it a try and haven’t regretted it. Apparently the album was inspired by her attempts to quit smoking – which is commendable in itself.
I went totally ‘Pop charts’ today: Usher’s Confessions, Maroon 5’s Songs about Jane, and Hoobastank’s The Reason. 3 CDs for S$49.90. One of my regular salesgirls at That CD Shop’s eyes also popped out when she saw my selection. That and also because she hadn’t been able to sell me any Imported CDs this time.
Oh yes. I bought the Taufik album, Blessings. It seems Sony-BMG Singapore hadn’t yet submitted the song titles to so I did the honours instead. If you’re ripping the Taufik album, you should be able to load everything now. [To overseas readers: Taufik’s the dude who won Singapore Idol.]
It’s actually K and I who are going to the kd lang concert. D will be a row in front of me, somewhere. Can’t wait!