Erratic Errors

I seem to be having Internal Server Error problems every time I post something on any of my blogs. Please bear this in mind the next time you see something funny happening. I’m down but I’m not suicidal, and neither is my blog.
What’s strange is I haven’t even done anything to my server in months. My web host says it might have something to do with upgrading Movable Type. But I haven’t had time to do any upgrades. This error occurs on other people’s websites hosted on my server as well.
[Update: It has something to do with some PHP executable script. This has not happened before. It is driving me crazy.]


  1. James

    Server applications are strange this way. I just uploaded and ran my blogging program. It generally worked. However, some buttons just did not show up the way that they are supposed to. I found no reasons for their behaviour. The same button would work for some CSS files and not the others. I just call it the ghost of computing.
    What type of server are you using?

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