Your guess is as good as mine

Albert’s comment on my previous post got me wondering: So what might crop up at MacWorld Expo? MacRumors has a round-up of good things that may come.
What I myself am hoping for / expecting: PowerBook G5 (yeah, they like to say it’s a long time coming), Flash iPod (doubt it’s 10GB though), and an iPod mini with more memory (5GB or more?). If iLife ’05 does come out I certainly hope iPhoto will enable me to create deep hierarchies of folders, and GarageBand will finally be able to export to MIDI format (not that I should care anymore since I’m happy with Logic Pro).
Yours truly has been disengaged from reality the past few weeks – no TV (never had one in my room since the old black and white set 2 decades ago), no newspapers (until we started re-ordering them for the new house last week), no Internet (unless I swipe the cable modem + wireless router), and very little time at work to read the news.
But enough about me. Mac lovers, what new products do you expect, or hope, to see?
[Update: Ha, I was right about the Flash iPod having less memory…]


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