Macro media, micro vision

Since Macromedia hadn’t replied to my request for technical support, I called their helpline, and after a few attempts, managed to get through.
I learnt that the reason that I was unable to activate Studio MX on my new Mac was because I am not supposed to switch platforms! I first activated the software on my PC, and according to the End User Agreement I am not supposed to transfer my licence onto another platform after that. That was why, even after de-activating Studio MX on my PC, I still could not activate it on my Mac.
Initially the support officer told me I had to purchase a brand new copy of Studio MX 2004 to install it on my Mac. How ridiculous was that! I told him I spent S$1600 on software which I now cannot use. He decided to make an exception for me, and I’m grateful for that. They now want to see my original proof of purchase, but since the receipt’s a year old I might have shredded it. Argh! And they will charge me a US$25 administrative fee.
I am just wondering how companies can sell original software in the notorious South-east Asia region, when they make it so difficult for customers who’ve paid good money for their products to transfer licences! Why do they treat legitimate customers cautiously, when there are thousands of other people who are free-riding on pre-activated, pirated versions of their software? It is preposterous.
[Update: By a small miracle, I actually found my old receipt. But the fax numbers they gave me don’t seem to be working. Trying again… Interestingly, the number I called for Singapore support, got me redirected to the Philippines. No wonder the support staff had American accents…]