Calling all Web Standards enthusiasts in Singapore

I should have publicised this a few months ago, but better late than never. A handful of Singaporeans who believe and trust in the virtues of Web Standards, is forming a local community.
Since I still get a healthy number of referrals from Web Standards authority Jeffrey Zeldman, I will take this opportunity to spread the news to everyone who’s possibly reading this.
Nearly a year ago, I was pretty cynical of the reception that web standards was getting with most clients and web designers themselves.
To date, I haven’t notice much improvement in the industry, although I was glad to know there were at least eight (8) other individuals – at present time of writing – who cared.
Do you care, too? Contact Jaime via this form, and join the force.



    Web standards fans, come on out.

    Via, I’ve discovered a small group of Singaporeans who are advocates of Web standards. There are currently ten codemonkeys (of varying degrees, and I know this because they let me join), and I just know there are more out there.
    If you’…

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