New iPods launching today

[overriding update: Good grief, things are happening faster than I can blog. Here are the real details on the new iPod, not just hearsay.]
So the blogosphere is waking up to the news of the latest iPods (at least according to my feedreader, whose spidey-senses are tingling with the growing excitement).
Some sources say there’s no 60GB iPod yet, though it’s only a question of time I’m sure. Others predicted a file size increase. Hopefully there will be a price decrease…
Nice blue screen. I see they’ve gone back to the first generation button layout. And the same white colour.
And I’m sure glad they did something about the miserable battery life, though it still can’t beat some other digital music players.


  1. airhole

    Apparently there was the battery problem (i.e. leaking battery) I wonder if they have rectified it?

  2. Serdar Kilic

    Blue screen? Sure would be nice. I quonder though, as the box that my iPod (yeah i guess everyone else’s as well) came in has the iPod featured in black with a blue screen!

  3. vantan

    Yeah, my box too, but in real life my iPod glows a pale lavender! What about yours?
    My old Nokia 6510 glowed a nice blue, though 🙂

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