Be careful how you summarise

I was a little confused when I read this BBC report on the France v Croatia (2-2) match.

The summary/highlights section says: “23 mins: Zidane’s free-kick is deflected into his own net by Tudor”.

That sounded like another goal for the Croatians, when actually the full match report says: “Igor Tudor deflected a Zinedine Zidane free-kick into his own net.” (To the totally uninitiated, Tudor is from Croatia; Zidane from France.)

Here ends my little nit-picking episode.

Update: I wrote a note to BBC Interactive and they actually replied, fixing the error!

BBCi’s reply

Thank you for your message and interest in BBC Sport Interactive.

I have forwarded your message to the subbing desk for this to be looked into.

The phrase now reads: “Zidane swings in a free-kick from the left and the ball deflects off Croatia defender Tudor and into the net.”

There. Zizou has been vindicated 😛