The SCGS Class of ’94 reunion went well. We met up with some of our old teachers, who could actually remember our faces if not our names. Even our principal was there. It was almost eerie that these teachers looked almost the same as they did ten years ago.

I asked my form teacher what was their secret to looking so youthful, and she said it was simply being with so many young students all the time!

In support of our alma mater, some of us (myself included) purchased commemorative postcards of the old school to raise funds for a new S$2 million sports complex. SCGS is currently the school basketball champion and two new courts will be built, among other facilities (we beat IJ! We beat RGS! We beat… everyone!).

It was good catching up with old friends and trying to remember everybody’s names. I ended up exchanging more words with some girls than we had ever spoken to each other in our four / ten years in school! It helped that we were a pretty small cohort, about 200, and I estimate the turnout yesterday night to be around 50-60 people.

I know Van Heng is going to kill me for posting this, but I must!

Van Heng: (spots Hui Min) Wait, I know your name … it’s …

Hui Min: (waits expectantly)

Van Heng: (gives up) Oh, bugger!

Hui Min: (shocked) What!? That’s not my name! (Stomps off in mock anger)

Van Heng: No no nooo …

Me: (Overcome with mirth) …

It was there that I realised that more of you are reading my blog than I realised … so, Helloo ladies, just in case you’ve tuned in to this site. It is flattering that some of you actually remember the minute details of my life. Thanks for stopping by.

Now kindly excuse me while I look for some cup noodles…


  1. joan

    so i missed it all because of my apprehension abt the whole thing. I promise i’ll go for the 20-year or whatever year reunion.

  2. Van Heng

    Never mind, Van. At least you didn’t make public the other ridiculous things I said on the morning of my wedding. I’m beginning to realize I say the strangest things when I get in nerve-wrecking situations.
    And thank you for calling me. I’m glad I went.

  3. monoceros weblogs

    The dreaded secondary school reunion

    Didn’t turn out to be terribly bad after all. I had nearly forgotten all about it on Saturday. Lin Kiat had to attend a wedding in JB, so I had dinner with my brother, our friends Alvin and Mandy (the…

  4. joan

    ah Van Heng, now that you mention your wedding, i suddenly remember that we have to watch the videos of your wedding together! It would be fun to watch it one year on. can’t wait for all 5 of us to be together again!

  5. Bel

    It was lovely seeing both you Vans again! And reliving fond memories of the Paperdoll Gang, haha. I’ve got the pics up, will send you the link!

  6. Jia

    yah, it wasn’t so bad. I found most names came back pretty quickly. Wasn’t able to talk to everyone though, which is kinda sucky. ah well, maybe at the next one, heh.

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