Computer down

My system is down. I suspect it’s been hit by the same bug that affected both my sister’s and mother’s systems.
I suspect it is something that breached our home network. In fact I used to pride myself on the fact that my computer was the only system that withstood all the funny problems that other family members were experiencing, because I was so tight on security that I installed a Firewall, subscribed to an Antivirus service and prevented anyone else from logging in with Administrative rights.
But ever since I turned down my Firewall so that darned Singapore Idol page could somehow load (what is it about that .php file that it redirects me to an error page when my Firewall’s up?), nothing has been the same.
I don’t recall installing any new programs that day. But I was ‘defenceless’ for perhaps an hour until I shut down my system. The next morning, it kept on hanging at startup – waiting for the very last unit on the loading bar to fill in.
After the kind advice of KH to press F8, start in Safe Mode / previous configuration, I got my system running – but without any external devices working! My wireless mouse was not working. The battery level and connection looked good. The drivers were still there. My Bluetooth dongle was on, but the system said there was no device detected. I had exclamation marks all over my hardware settings but re-installing drivers didn’t seem to help.
Today I tried starting up my system again to continue fixing the problem. Now, it doesn’t detect my keyboard while starting up, so pressing F8 doesn’t work. Well actually on a few occasions, it did work, but my system now hangs regardless of whether I try starting in Safe Mode or in its previous configuration. So much for computers being logical creatures – they’re just as erratic as human beings!
Any advice for this poor, computer-less soul?


  1. tiggie

    van have you got system back-ups? and system re-installation CDs etc???
    you might need to reconfigure the OS… i had similar experiences..
    try to salvage all the impt. files. if you haven’t already backed them up.
    then restart and go into F2 and tweak the settings in your BIOS to load up the CD drive first before harddisk when you are ready to reconfigure OS from scratch. this will hopefully allow you to use the CD to reinstall OS.
    good luck.
    it might save you alot more time to reconfigure everything than trying to get it to work….

  2. Queenie Her Very Majestic Majesty on High

    Get a Mac. (hahaha…ok now don’t kill me for this). I am the least concerned about computer protection…my antivirus software (trial) just ran out and i am lala-ing about procrastinating updates…anyway, all the best with it. Dont sweat buckets.

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