It’s MINE…

Even as I type, the Triton Extreme is sitting in the boot of my car, waiting to be placed on its new keyboard stand. I’m clearing out the junk in my room to make way for it. There’s a spot between my bed and window where I think it’ll be just dandy.
Before I left the shop this evening, I tested my new toy with everything I could think of. According to one of the assistants, it worked with the iPod (Yes!!). It also read my Compact Flash card. I made sure my headphones worked with it.
[Rave! Rave! It even has separate Bösendorfer and Steinway sounds in its Keyboards category!! Swoon.]
The only, only thing I forgot to get?
The pedal.


  1. a l

    wahhh! i’m impressed with the piano sounds already. 🙂 hv fun with the keyboard – and keep us up to date!

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