iPod Radio

Introducing the new iPod home radio station!
I couldn’t resist it. I bought the Belkin TuneCast™ Mobile FM Transmitter for the VanPod. Still I couldn’t believe that the music transmitted by this device would be better than radio quality.
I was wrong. Happily so. I can’t say it’s as good as listening to a CD, but it’s closer to that than the music we get from radio. The trick is positioning the transmitter beside the stereo for the best reception – a few inches made a world of difference.
So for just S$59 (that’s US$35) I got myself a ‘wireless’ media server!
I’m wondering: If the transmission is strong enough, will I be able to play the same tracks from one iPod, from stereos in different rooms?
(Next on the shopping list: some funky noise-cancelling headphones!)
Here’s something I just discovered about the default iPod earphones. Try bringing them gently together, metal sides facing each other. They repel! 😀


  1. Maria

    Your entries about your beloved iPod induce envy in me. I want to buy one, but I can’t justify the expense.
    C’mon, Ms. Tan, give a girl a break! 😉

  2. vantan

    But surely, Ms Yang, you would find the iPod a most valuable tool for your personal and professional life 😉
    Apart from chilling out with high quality playback of your favourite music, you could, for instance, record voice notes for your patients.
    And its clean sleek exterior would go oh so well with your white coat. Or a straitjacket X-D

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