The search for an MP3 player

We’ll be looking around for an MP3 player this weekend so if you know of anything good, please post a suggestion. I haven’t had time to do much research, and most of the people I know don’t use any.
The storage capacity for our intended gift, doesn’t have to be in the 30-40 GB range, but it has to be easy to use and sync with a PC. I’m thinking 256MB at least, and possibly up to 4GB.
Whatever the case, it shouldn’t be too clunky or complicated. It would be nice to have a voice recorder and FM radio as well.
Naturally we considered the iPod first, but found it too pricey – and we were told it needed a separate Firewire cable to hook up to our computer. I don’t like the idea of having to separately purchase and attach a microphone, either.
I hear Sony-Ericsson has a Bluetooth-enabled audio player coming out soon. I also picked up the latest copy of T3 and looked at the iPod alternatives.
Still I think nothing beats a visit to the shop, to try out the products and see if they’re suitable for our individual needs. I’m going to look at some models from Creative, for reasons of portability and features.
Meanwhile, I’m going to try converting my Nokia 6600 into an MP3 player. I encountered a conversion failure yesterday using the PC Suite, while trying to beam it through my laptop + bluetooth dongle. If it works, we might be better off just getting a larger multimedia card.
[Thanks for the info, folks. As for those in Singapore, here’s a great iPod deal from DBS. Thanks to Kim for the tip!]


  1. Christopher

    The problem with ipod is their batteries which is rumoured to have a lifespan of approx 2 years. For creative, was eyeing the Creative Zen with an option of getting a FM Remote. However, there have been complaints over the manufacturing defects. Its all part of statistics. Some have no problems, yet there’s quite a few who keep sending their units or batteries back. Heard it only has a 90-day warranty(an ominous sign). I have no means to verify it myself as I’m not in Sg.
    IRiver products are highly recommended. Recently got a 256MB flash based player IFP-390T. Price is around SGD $375 from SLS. A little steep for what it seems but being a flash based player, it is light, compact, has FM capabilities, upgradable firmware, line in recording and encoding which can be later converted to MP3 format, records FM and voice signals (built in mic), USB based and good sound quality. I personally use it to record the online BBC radio programmes for listening pleasure anytime, anywhere šŸ™‚
    Drop me a mail at tay at inrialpes dot fr for a personal first hand account of the player. It certainly isn’t easy to choose an appropriate player for world domination!

  2. Van Heng

    My brother has an iriver which I brought back for him from the US. Cheaper here, but I suppose you need to get yours right away. Anyhow, I can’t remember which model it is but he’s happy with his iriver.

  3. kottonwool

    Since I got my iPod I’ve never encountered a problem otherwise known to users of other range. The rumour of the battery life-span doesn’t really bother me that much. At SGD700 for a 20GB (at time of purchase) I didn’t think it was overpriced, nor in anyway trying to con people’s money by having to buy extra parts or cable. iPods can be used as an external harddisk too! With its Firewire transfers everything happen in a flash.
    Mine came with a dock, which I can attach to power source for battery charging, or playing straight from my iPod to speakers (of any kind). Simple and easy.
    I have no need for any additional parts. However if you wish to have tuner function, etc. you may purchase its complimentary accessories.
    Plus! Plus! Note that iPods are pretty too!

  4. vantan

    Very interesting. I’m doing a search on iPod batteries and while Apple does provide a replacement service, it costs USD99. Third party servicing may cost US49, and there is even a DIY online guide.
    Apple is being sued for misrepresenting the battery life of the iPod.
    Not meaning to diss iPod users, as I am still considering getting one for myself, but here’s the infamous iPod’s Dirty Secrets movie by the Neistat Brothers.

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