Updates for the weekend

My home computer broke down. Sort of. You see, the CPU’s power supply is running, but my monitor (“No signal input”), keyboard and mouse don’t seem to think so. I have no idea how to fix it, and the guy we usually call for help seems to be out of town. I tried working on my office laptop which I brought home (yes, there’s loads of work to do) but strangely it can only connect to URLs which I have visited recently. Which is very, very strange. So I’m hijacking my dad’s PC for a while. Suggestions to solve either problem are welcome.
I finally cooked something in the new apartment. Something simple: bolognese sauce, to go with pasta (which I will boil tomorrow, which is the day of my company’s pot luck lunch). Only problem is we don’t have a microwave oven here. My fingers still have a garlicky-onion smell. Eugh.
From one dinner conversation, I discovered that at least six of my younger cousins blog. Interestingly, the other cousins closer to my age don’t seem to have weblogs, but the ones who are still in primary school have started blogging. One of them started blogging after her class started a group blog.
My sister’s gone back to Perth today so you know who’s back to doing the laundry. Actually, popping clothes into a machine is easy. Ironing is tough. So’s any form of cleaning up!
While resting between chores, I also watched Federer beat Safin (the Swiss is in peak form, but I think the Russian’s cuter). Now I’m going to continue watching Chelsea beat Blackburn (I’m OK with both teams, but hey, if you had 100 million quid to spare, this sort of performance ought to be a given).