On Media behaviour

It was interesting that I watched the Hutton Report (pdf) live on the BBC channel, then read about the BBC Chairman quitting – on the BBC website. Not many news corporations would be so forthcoming with information portraying them in a bad light. Of course, they don’t completely agree with the report, but at least readers are kept in the loop.
A few years ago, I had to find out from a rival TV station that my company was retrenching staff. A couple of years before that, I stopped reading a major broadsheet in the UK when I heard it was owned by a media mogul who fired his editors for not writing what he wanted.
Ironically, by attempting to cover up information it could worsen people’s impressions on the organisation. Nobody can own the ‘truth’; if it’s out there, it will come out sooner or later.


  1. tiggie

    i can’t agree more!
    after Davies, Dyke has also departed.
    it is rather sad….and somehow slightly unsatisfying…

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