If you’re getting bored, try this

One post in three days. That has to be my worst record ever since I renamed this blog ‘The Daily Weblog’. Blog, I’m sorry I haven’t done you justice. I really have a lot of work to do. You’d be so proud of me, if only you weren’t my blog.
Elsewhere, people have been doing exciting things. Jason Kottke is going to review one new magazine each week. I always like reading the comments his readers leave, because they’re choc full of interesting information. Here you can find out what sort of mags you can possibly pick up in Manhattan.
Also, while I was missing in action, it appears that Britney Spears got married and divorced in about a day. As if the champagne binges weren’t bad enough. Or losing It to Justin Timberlake.
Lastly, I guess now is as good as any time to announce that I have firmly made the switch to Mozilla Firebird, both at work and at home. It’s faster than plain ol’ Mozilla and has almost everything I want in a browser. Unfortunately not all websites are designed to comply with anything but IE, which is a nuisance. I might elaborate on that another time (cracks knuckles).


  1. Jason Wall

    I switched to Firebird a few months ago too. I haven’t run up against too many sites that don’t work well in it. And you’re right, its much faster than Mozilla.

  2. stef

    I use Mozilla now – and I agree about the whole thing of complying to IE – there needs to be a huge movement to force IE to be compliant or to force people to move to something else. I’m right behind you on that!

  3. tiggie

    have also decided to switch to mozilla…IE and MSN were quite a nuisance….had to reinstall my whole laptop from scratch ….blaggh.

  4. vantan

    Well done! Am proud of you.
    I tried using a hyperbolic browser today and was wondering why it couldn’t load – then realised it only worked in IE. Pah.

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