Heal my computer

Last night, after starting, my computer detected new hardware. Strange, because I hadn’t inserted any. It was my ethernet controller. Hmph, I thought, maybe it was loose and got reconnected again. Anyway, my internet connection was up and I didn’t give it another thought – until this morning, when the hardware in question decided to conk out. I unplugged and replugged the wires numerous times but to no avail. It was down the whole afternoon, despite numerous reconfigurations and rebootings.
I was vexed. I had research to do, and an interesting thought about a Psalm in the Bible that I wanted to make notes on, and additional church webpages to update, so I had one last resort: I got down on my knees, put my hands on the CPU, and prayed for the hardware to work so I could do God’s work. I was filled with absolute certainty that my request would be granted. Naturally, after praying I leaped up, opened up my browser…and the connection was still down. Patience! I told myself. When did anything I asked for, happen a split second later? ‘In His Time’ … I’ll reboot, and wait.
I came back a while later, and found that the hardware was functional again, and I was once again connected to the Internet. After nearly a day of trying to fix things myself! So I’ll be working on my promises to Him now. He’s just amazing.


  1. Alvin

    I suppose there’s some problem with either your ethernet card or the PCI slot in your mainboard. Is your ethernet jack onboard one or those PCI types?
    If it is those PCI type, you can try to change the ethernet card to another free PCI slot available in your system. This will allow you to determine if either the card or the PCI slot is malfunctioning.
    After you change the card to another slot, if it fails to work (can’t connect to the internet or error dialog), try using a clean eraser and gently rub against the metallic tip of the card and plug in again. Sometimes, it’s the lost of contact between the card and your mainboard that cause windows to presume the card is not there.
    If all fails to work, it’s time to get a new ethernet card 🙂
    Hope this helps!
    * Remember to ground yourself before you touch any components inside the PC.

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