Nokia 6600

I bought a new mobile phone this evening. I am not a chronic handset changer, by Singaporean standards at least, so I was willing to wait for one and a half years before a model I liked came out.
I was considering the 02 models but decided it felt strange sticking a PDA to your face whenever you made a call. I quite liked the calendar feature in my old Nokia 6510 (at the time, it was cutting-edge), so I was looking for another model which had even more advanced organiser features. The camera with 2X zoom was a nice extra, but if MMS rates are still cut-throat then I won’t be sending photos or video clips to anyone.
I haven’t got a new laptop yet, so I won’t be able to sync things up for now. I am pretty busy, working at home, so I should stop playing with it now and dreaming of the Java applications I can download from e-Ideas.
ps. Once I get my settings sorted out, I can also surf using the XHTML browser. Who says web standards aren’t important?


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