Stupid server error messages

Obviously, I know something is wrong with all my web pages.
I suspect the administrators installed or upgraded something on the server side without informing yours truly, because all my include file links seem to be generating errors – although they do load. [My earlier suspicions seem to be well-grounded, as checks reveal that the server was modified just today/yesterday and might be running a newer version of PHP.]
We’ll see how quickly they can fix this bug.
In the meantime, please excuse my silence. I promised to complete updating my church’s website weeks ago. Now we’ve settled into the new premises, it is time I fulfilled my duties.
[Update: Yes, tech support has confirmed they upgraded the server. They will install a fix soon – I hope! I suspect that the server no longer understands/supports full URL links in PHP include files. Once I change the path from absolute to relative, the error messages disappear. However, the error still occurs where I include links hosted on other people’s servers (e.g. Blogrolling).]