Spam, bam, thank you Ma’am

Soon after reading Ben’s Oct 13 post on comment spamming and how to prevent it using Jay Allen’s MT-Blacklist, I discovered that one of my old posts has been violated. Vandalised. Whatever. Looks like I’ll have to do a little tinkering with my website once again.
Anyhow, spamming is not a credible way to sell health products (or anything else, for that matter). It makes me thing your medicine is dodgy and that you’re too cheap to pay for proper advertisements. I think your product is so lousy that nobody wanted to recommend it. You probably didn’t even make it to Sellavision. And prior to this, I never even heard of your product, or gave a stinkin’ damn what your product did. But now, I am most certainly NOT buying your product. Dig?
[Update: A big thanks to Jay for working so hard on this magnificent tool. I took only 2 minutes to set up MT-Blacklist – including FTP time. His config page is a no-brainer, and I now have an updated list of offending domain names which you can view here. ]
[Update 2: Great. Now whenever I get email notification of new comments posted, I am also given the option to ‘De-spam using MT-Blacklist’ by simply clicking on a link. So it should be quite easy updating my ‘Naughty’ list.]


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